Swimm are cutting-edge yet classic on “Talk To Me”, announce new album

Although LA band SWIMM are on the cutting edge of dream pop, they also remind me of 80s legends like Sparks, Culture Club and Chic. They’ve just announced their sophomore album Best Comedown Ever will be out on August 10 and the lead single “Talk To Me” is a sardonic take on a trendy topic: polyamory.

Says SWIMM frontman Chris Hess: “While writing “Talk To Me”, I specifically (and ridiculously) became fascinated with the sacred pact of a convent and how nuns might feel about being married to the same man. The song also plays on my own feelings about polyamory and various ‘situationships’.”

You’ll hear SWIMM songs all over the place, including Hulu-streamed movies and even a Progressive Insurance TV spot. But the group doesn’t actively look for sync placements. “Getting sync cuts always feels like a combination of luck and some random connection,” says Hess. “Anything we’ve had synced has always been because someone reached out to us, asking to use a song they’d heard somehow.”

Listen to “Talk To Me” below, or find it on the streaming services.

Best Comedown Ever comes out August 10. Follow SWIMM on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.