Scandinavian songwriter Susanna is releasing a new album called Baudelaire & Piano on September 11. It’s a record that was created in lockdown and is quite literally what its title suggests: words by the French poet Baudelaire sung by Susanna while accompanied by piano. Following the revelation of “The Dancing Snake”, today she shares “Burial”.

Susanna says: “Burial was one of the first poems I re-worked for this project – I am deeply fascinated by the thrilling images Baudelaire is able to provide with such few words. A haunting short story.

True to that quote, Susanna does not adorn the poetry with much, instead allowing the words to work their natural magic with a little light shed from the piano. In “Burial” she gives the keys a staggering gait, slightly dragging in the introduction, before her voice brings the vividly dark imagery into perfect clarity. Despite the gloom of the topic, Susanna injects “Burial” with hope and passion, tinging the lament with rich beauty that makes you want to step inside this scene.

Susanna’s new album Baudelaire & Piano is out on September 11 through SusannaSonata. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook.