Photo: Oona McCaughan

Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan unleashes the introspective pop rocker “Dawn Bends”, announces new album

It’s been a few years since Superchunk released an album but this year we’re getting the next best thing: a solo album from Mac McCaughan called The Sound of Yourself, which arrives on September 24 through Merge. Although, calling it ‘solo’ is a bit disingenuous, as Mac can call upon friends like Mary Lattimore and TORRES to feature on the album – or even Jon Wurster and Yo La Tengo, all of whom feature on the album’s lead single “Dawn Bends”.

Mac says that “Dawn Bends” is “a cautionary tale about getting a little too into the isolation.” We find him deep in solipsism on the song, the sunshine tinge contrasting with his observations about “instructions for taking me apart.” Sitting deep in this emotional sinkhole, he finds himself stuck there all night, until he comes to the conclusion “dawn doesn’t break, it bends,” and asks “how do you find your friends?” Despite the wistful timbre of the lyrics and melodies, “Dawn Bends” is still a very addictive and lively song that glides along; these are simple elements, but played and sung by such seasoned musicians that there seems to be a magical zip and zeal added to the track, making it all the more anthemic and addictive.

Watch the lyric video for “Dawn Bends” tomorrow or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Mac McCaughan’s new album The Sound of Yourself arrives on September 24 through Merge (pre-order/save). You can find him on Twitter and Instagram.