Sunnbrella is the moniker of London-based musician David Zbirka, who released his debut EP in 2019, and following a couple of singles last year seems to be on course for another body of work in the near future. For now, we have the new single “Lost & Found”, a track so beguiling that even its creator isn’t sure what to make of it, as he says:

“I often don’t know what the message of a song is when I’m writing it. Sometimes the lyrics are completed before I understand what the song is about; It’s only after gradually piecing the words together that the meaning becomes clear to me. So in a weird way, I have to interpret my own words, but there’s room for completely different interpretations by the listeners. Maybe they’d understand the lyrics better than I do.”

Indeed, “Lost & Found” is a song that catches lights of all different shades as it wanders on dreamy guitars propelled by a simple boom-bap, each a subtly different but equally gorgeous shade. The moniker Sunnbrella seems perfect, as “Lost & Found” feels like being out on a beautifully sunny day but feeling a bit numb, cut off from the frivolity all around, stuck in your own cloud of thoughts. It’s not a bad place to be though, in fact there’s a sort of dissociative euphoria that Sunnbrella has captured in “Lost & Found”, and as the atmospheric instrumentation grows and becomes more immersive, there’s a feeling like he’s found himself – deep within his lostness.

You can listen to “Lost & Found” on streaming platforms, or watch the video, directed by Arnaud Lin, below.

“Lost & Found” is out via Permanent Creeps. Keep up with Sunnbrella on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.