Sufjan Stevens’ vulnerability is on full display in “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?”

Sufjan Stevens‘ new album Javelin is less than a month from release and following on from lead single “So You Are Tired” we now have “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?”. The song features Sufjan at his most vulnerable, asking a question we’ve all asked: “will anybody ever love me? / For good reasons / Without grievance, not for sport?”

Sufjan plays the whole plethora of instruments on “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?” – with banjo chief among them, which is sure to make fans of his early material rejoice. As he struggles against existential doubts and the desires of his “burning heart”, the song becomes wreathed in choral vocals that make his beseeching questions ascend to the heavens in search of an answer to these cosmic conundrums. These were provided by collaborators drienne maree brown, Hannah Cohen, and Megan Lui, who each reflect on the song:

“The first time I sang the song I started crying, I was so moved by the honesty of the questions. Sufjan is an impossibly brave and gifted writer.” – adrienne maree brown

“Being in the studio with Sufjan is like watching an alchemist at work. He creates a new realm, building our voices from a gentle choir, then morphing us into sirens raging from the sea.” – Hannah Cohen

“‘Will Anybody Ever Love Me?’ felt like a glimpse into Sufjan’s past records but spins into an epic collage of voices and instruments. His vision of melody and composition are astonishing and working with him and Hannah in the room was pure joy.” – Megan Lui

Watch the video for “Will Anybody Ever Love Me?”, directed by long-time collaborator Stephen Halker, below or find the song on streamers.

Sufjan Stevens’ new album Javelin arrives on October 6 through Asthmatic Kitty (pre-order/save). You can find him on Instagram.

He’s also announced listening parties around the UK on 19 September at these locations (more info here):

Preston @ Action Records
Dundee @ Assai
Edinburgh @ Assai
Glasgow @ Assai
Sheffield @ Bear Tree
Leeds @ Crash
Totnes @ Drift
Leeds @ Jumbo Records
Glasgow @ Monorail
Manchester @ piccadilly records
Southsea @ Pie&Vinyl
Newcastle Upon Tyne @ Reflex
Brighton @ Resident
Bristol @ Rough Trade
Nottingham @ Rough Trade
London @ Rough Trade West
London @ Rough Trade Soho
Cardiff @ Spillers
Oxford @ Truck
Southampton @ Vinilo
Bury @ Wax and Beans