After a couple of hints that he might, Sufjan Stevens has officially announced the release of a new collection of Christmas songs entitled Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas, Volumes 6 – 10. This continues on from Songs For Christmas, Volumes 5-10 which were released in 2006. The new box set contains 5 EPs’ worth of new Christmas material from Sufjan, recorded between 2006 and 2010.

Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas, Volumes 6 – 10 sees release through Asthmatic Kitty on November 13th, which gives you plenty of time to buy it for that special Sufjan-loving someone before the big day arrives. The “exquisitely designed” box will also feature Christmas stickers, temporary tattoos, lyric sheets and chord charts, a paper ornament, an apocalyptic pull-out poster, photos, illustrations, and extensive liner notes. It can be pre-ordered from here. For now the box set is only available is CD format, but a vinyl version is said to be arriving “later this year or early 2013.”

Now, dropping $120 on a box set is a bit risky, even if it is from the ever consistent Sufjan Stevens. Here to help sway you is 13 minute new Christmas epic “Christmas Unicorn” for stream or download.