Photo: Sela Shiloni

Su Lee’s “Messy Sexy” sets her up for stardom on her debut album

Singer-producer Su Lee spent most of the Covid lockdown making music in her 10′ x 10′ bedroom in Seoul. Now she’s traveling the world to promote her great debut album Messy Sexy, which drops this Friday, 28 October.

The album’s title track is an ode to self-acceptance. In the video for the song, the artist exudes offbeat sexiness while tossing Cheetos, spaghetti and dirty clothes everywhere. In addition to writing superb hooks, Lee is perhaps the most unique dancer in the entire pop world. Nobody bops and bounces quite like her.

When asked about her nimble moves, Lee says “It’s so nice of you to compliment what my family calls ‘the demonic jiggle.’ I have actually taken several dance classes before, but I honestly don’t remember anything other than the painful splits they forced me to do at the beginning of class.”

Lee obviously had a lot of fun shooting the “Messy Sexy” video, diving face-first into cake and spaghetti sauce throughout the hook-laden song. “I got to do a few takes for each scene,” she says. “But I had to be intentional about gradually allowing myself to get messier and messier on each take.”

The entire album is an amazing sonic treat that will no doubt turbo-charge Su Lee’s career around the world.

Watch the video for “Messy Sexy” below or listen to the track on streaming platforms.

Su Lee’s debut album Messy Sexy is out this Friday, 28 October (pre-order/save). You can catch her on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.