It’s been a while since I’ve given Joakim a fair spin, as I found his 2012 record Nothing Gold to be a bit underwhelming compared to my expectations, but the Parisian producer/artist has always intrigued me. In support of the new album, Tigersushi is releasing a remix EP for the album’s title track, one of the better songs on the album, featuring some high profile talent. Leading that group is balearic mastermind Todd Terje, purveyor of this year’s terrific Its the Arps. In almost ten minutes, Terje manages to take what was a decent but bland song and turn it into a glistening example of how dance music sounds when compassionate people are influencing the genre. It’s calming and invigorating, simply a must hear. [via]

Joakim – Nothing Gold (Remixes)
1. Nothing Gold – 12″ mix
2. Nothing Gold – Todd Terje Remix
3. Nothing Gold – Le Loup Remix
4. Nothing Gold – 12″ Instrumental
5. Nothing Gold – Todd Terje DJ Tool