Still House Plants share their shamanic paean to sensitivity, “no sleep deep risk”

UK slowcore/alternative rock innovators Still House Plants bring forth a striking and refreshing take on minimalist guitar-based music. The group’s new song “no sleep deep risk” is one of tactile beauty, unfolding more like a stream-of-consciousness rumination. Vocalist Jess Hickie-Kallenbach sounds almost devotional here, like a gospel eulogy, giving credence to her tender and sensitive nature.

Though spare and fractured in its structure, you can tell the band puts in utmost concentration and care to each note strung together. It’s truly beautiful slow burning music that tiptoes around, played like an intimate lullaby to a slumbering child. “no sleep deep risk” is the newest glimpse of Still House Plants’ upcoming album If i don’t make it, i love you, which arrives on 12th April 2024 via Bison.

Listen to “no sleep deep risk” below and its hypnotic visualizer.

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