Photo: Machine Operated

Squid envision a verdant dystopia on “Broadcaster”

South London upstarts Squid have shared a new track called “Broadcaster”, which forms a double A-side with their recent track “Sludge”. The 7″ of the two tracks will be released on June 26 through Warp, with an extended version of “Broadcaster”. The standard six-minute version is online now though, and Ollie Judge explains the inspiration by saying:

“Lyrically the track was inspired by the visual artist Naim June Paik and his TV Garden installation. I thought it blurred the lines between a dystopian and utopian vision. I imagined what it must be like living synonymously amongst nature and technology in the most literal way I could imagine, with TVs towering over me amongst forests.”

“Broadcaster” is a patient build-up, with synths sluggishly arpeggiating beneath Judge’s drawling observations of the wild world around him. His ire seems to grow as the song reaches its halfway point, as he repeatedly asks “can’t you see me?!” until he reaches his usual high-pitched how. The contemplative track then mushrooms outwards with a panoply of strange sounds, while Judge draws out his words in an electrifying rasp. “Broadcaster” shows previously unknown composure from the quintet, and further cements them in the spotlight of ones to watch.

Listen to “Broadcaster” below or on your preferred platform.