Photo: Tatjana Rueegsegger

Sophie Jamieson is grounded and determined in the empowering “Runner”

London-based songwriter Sophie Jamieson has her debut full-length Choosing arriving on December 2 through Bella Union, and today she shares the latest single from it. “Runner” follows the similarly brave and honest single “Sink”, with Jamieson revealing:

“This song is a note to self, not to leave the body just when things are getting hard. It’s catching yourself, looking yourself straight in the eye and in that honest moment there comes real life, real release, real joy. I wanted this song to feel like the heart opening up and all the colours coming out.”

Whereas “Sink” found the songwriter teetering between destruction and self-preservation, “Runner” finds her grounded, compos mentis and delivering humble and solid truths. In her gorgeous brogue, sung over simple guitar, she steadies her quivering heart and racing mind, bringing herself into the moment and ensuring that she’s not going to be bolting for the horizon to avoid her issues. “Runner” gradually picks up galloping speed, but this is not the sound of Jamieson outrunning her problems, this is her heart rate picking up as the finds the determination to stand her ground. This builds the song towards its gorgeous second half, where she flies high her banner of self-belief; no words needed as the power she has harnessed is transmitted in its beautiful, billowing fullness.

Listen to “Runner” below or find it on streaming platforms.

Sophie Jamieson’s debut album Choosing will be out on December 2 through Bella Union (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.