New York-based Irish twin sisters Song Sung recently announced their debut album This Ascension is Ours with the brilliant “Telling Tales”, and follow it up today with a new song called “The Minds Eye”. They say:

“This song wrestles with doubt, but is fought with hope. It’s provocative and resilient and in a way, quite anthemic. We can fall down together, but in defiance, we will stand up forever.”

“The Minds Eye” begins with the pair whisper-singing in unison over ethereal backing, but soon launches up into a bouncy pop gait where their voices trill and sparkle. You can genuinely hear the pair growing in confidence and power as they progress through “The Minds Eye” in perfect unison, especially as the song ascends to its anti-gravitational shoegaze-esque second half.

Song Sung’s debut album This Ascension is Ours comes out July 31 on Night Time Stories. You can follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.