Song Sung is the duo of twin sisters Georgina and Una McGeough, who grew up in Monaghan, Republic of Ireland, as “music-obsessed children”. They’ve followed that obsession into their adulthood, and will be garnering the widest audience for it yet with the release of their debut album This Ascension is Ours on July 31.

Today they’ve shared the track “Telling Tales”, which they say is “the result of a melodic collision – it’s a dream, a memory, a voyage that exists inside a reverberating loop. This track reverts back to how we initially began making music and our continuous quest to find the melody within a melody.”

It’s telling that this is the way the sisters have been making since the beginning, as their use of looping sounds assured; not overdone, but not without finesse either. Beautifully softened textures wash back and forth across the track in an infinite loop, swooping around one another but never cancelling each other out. The vocals are placed in the middle of this carefully constructed dance of sound, and are simple but resonant, matching the dreamy surroundings with ideas of escape into a loved one. It all comes together in a feeling of potent innocence that is reminiscent of early Animal Collective or High Places.

Watch the video for Song Sun’s “Telling Tales”, which was created by Padraig Timoney.

Song Sung’s debut album This Ascension is Ours comes out July 31 on Night Time Stories. You can follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.