Photo: Sophie Hur

Soccer Mommy enters new sonic territory with “Unholy Affliction”

Soccer Mommy has shared a second taste of her upcoming album Sometimes, Forever, following up “Shotgun” with a new one called “Unholy Affliction”. She explains how she and producer Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) pulled it together in the studio:

“’Unholy’ was really fun in the studio because the end result was totally different from what we expected. Dan made this really cool sequence with the demo vocals that wound up becoming most of the song. It was nice to have 2 different versions of the song that kind of mashed together.”

“Unholy Affliction” is a clear step away from the overtly dreamy indie sounds that have characterised Soccer Mommy’s work to date, and finds the songwriter impressively mastering a colder, more inhospitable sound world. The song builds from muted notes and sputtering rhythm, with the singer reflecting on her mechanical and disaffected feelings in muted tones. Gradually, the ill feeling that’s “in her bones” seeps out and the song builds into a geyser of putrid yet cathartic sounds, the toxicity coming out of the singer’s mind and body and slithering away into the shadows.

Watch the video for “Unholy Affliction” below or listen to the track on streaming platforms.

Soccer Mommy’s new album Sometimes, Forever comes out on June 24 through Loma Vista (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.