slowthai bounces off A$AP Rocky on “MAZZA”

British rapper slowthai is releasing his second album TYRON next month, and following on from the reflective “nhs” comes a new offering called “MAZZA”.

This time around he’s teamed up with his friend A$AP Rocky (whose label AWGE is releasing TYRON in the US), and his loquacious flow makes an interesting juxtaposition with the Brit’s. “MAZZA” is all about slowthai’s furious flow though, which contrasts astoundingly with the seasick and slovenly production. There are plenty of chuckle-worthy lines and puns in slowthai’s words, but overall his passion and humanity win out, and the goofiness is just one facet of his impressive bars, which reflect on his unhealthy habits and give us a rounded view of the rapper.

With the video for “MAZZA” coming later this week, for now you can listen to the track on streaming platforms.

slowthai’s new album TYRON is out February 5 via Method / AWGE (pre-order). You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.