Skullcrusher pays tribute to musical inspiration on “Song For Nick Drake”

Having released one of our EPs of 2020 in her self-titled debut release, Helen Ballentine aka Skullcrusher has been working on more music. We got the first taste of it in October when she shared “Farm” and a cover of Radiohead’s “Lift”, and she’s delivered her first music of 2021 today in the form of “Song For Nick Drake”. Ballentine says:

““Song for Nick Drake” is about my relationship to the music of Nick Drake. It recalls moments in my life that are viscerally intertwined with his music, specifically times spent walking & taking the train. The song is really my homage to music and the times I felt most immersed in it.”

Although simple in both concept and instrumentation, “Song For Nick Drake” still has plenty to lose yourself in – namely Balletine’s reflections of alone time spent with books and music, and later getting stuck in the rain but unlocking a secret to one of Nick Drake’s songs in the process. The way that she and producer Noah Weinman have added little flecks of percolating sound to the edges of the track for added warmth makes us feel ensconced inside Ballentine’s memories with her. The upwardly lilting song seems to encourage us to let our minds wind their way down her mental pathways alongside her, to a place of thankfulness for music and its presence even at the worst times.

Listen to “Song For Nick Drake” on streaming platforms or watch the video below.

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