“Norwegian innovator SKIA has Scandipop on an IV drip” reads SKIA‘s artist bio, and on the evidence of new single “Feeling Fine,” it’s as apt a statement as any.

Following on from this spring’s Apricot EP and recent single “Pocket”, the infectious “Feeling Fine” rewards repeated listening, as the spacious production and basic melody of the verses blooms into a deliciously uplifting pop chorus and a beautiful, Marina-style bridge. Clocking in at only two-and-a-half minutes, you’re left wanting another bite. 

“This track is about rediscovering self-assurance, confidence and self-love after having felt low for a while,” she says. Indeed, there’s palpable defiance in the way she sings “I don’t need you to please me, no, I’ll be good on my own.”

“Feeling Fine” is out via Heist or Hit, and make sure to look out for more material from SKIA next year. For now, you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.