Photo: Devon Chambers

Eades trace a tale of self-destruction on the tickling jam “Former Warnings Cluster”

Eades are a band from Leeds who released some well-received singles in 2020, and are coming into 2021 with new power and determination. They’ve added a fifth member to their lineup in the form of Lily Fontaine, and have just been signed by the great Heist Or Hit. The first song to be shared with this new lineup and for their new label is “Former Warnings Cluster”, and they say:

Former Warnings Cluster is probably our most ambitious recording yet. We’ve always felt we didn’t match our live sound, so we decided to shake up the process. It was recorded live in my basement, with vocals and a few overdubs added later. This allowed us to be a lot more free with the performance, speeding up and slowing down to take the song on a bit of a journey

“It’s about getting into good habits and then ruining them; about reinventing yourself time and time again to no avail. It follows a protagonist who ultimately ends up in the gutter thinking over the red flags he’s ignored as an ambulance approaches.”

Eades step into “Former Warnings Cluster” with a confidently swaggering gait, rhythm guitars tickling in either channel while synth dashes around in the background, setting a perfect stage for Harry Jordan’s tale of ill-advised behaviour. It winds up with the protagonist in the gutter, but Eades make this sorry sight a shout-along moment with bounce-along emphasis positioned on each word, bringing to mind a more danceable Parquet Courts. Then, for the song’s final stretch, they switch gears entirely, turning “Former Warnings Cluster” into a break-neck post-punk jam; all the regrets seem to catch up with the protagonist as he lies in the gutter, spinning around his sorrowful mind in the form of buzzing melodies, tense guitars and propulsive percussion.

You can watch the video for “Former Warnings Cluster” below, or listen to it on streaming platforms.

Eades’ “Former Warnings Cluster” is out via Heist or Hit, and with more to come soon make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.