Photo: Alexa Viscius

Silvana Estrada cuts through the confusion with the blissful “Qué Problema”

Rising Mexican singer and songwriter Silvana Estrada has released a new single called “Qué Problema”. About the song, she reveals:

“For me it is a letter to unrequited love. When two people love each other but only one has the will to try. I think it is a difficult situation to handle, people are not clear, we come and go and we make a lot of trouble for not saying things. This was my attempt to say them.”

Where unrequited love can often be a painful experience of solitary longing, Estrada shifts all that to the side and cuts to the chase with “Qué Problema”. A simply gorgeous backing of light drums, strings and plucked guitar is the perfect setting for Estrada’s coy approach – delivered in her mesmerising voice, which flits around like a love bird. She lays her feelings out clearly; singing in Spanish she admits that she believes this other person is “where the sun is born” and that “when you smile the wind stumbles”. These declarations are an attempt to make that person feel the same way; “Oh my god, what a problem!” she muses in the chorus. However, she’s so light, radiant and jovial as she does so, you can’t help but think that the object of her affections will soon be returning the love.

Watch the lyric video for “Qué Problema” below or find it on streamers.

“Qué Problema” is out via YouTube. You can find Silvana Estrada on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.