Photo: Nina Andersson Voight

Sibille Attar is lost in a mesmerising “Dream State” on her swirling new single

Swedish art-pop purveyor Sibille Attar is releasing a new album called A History of Silence on February 26 through PNKSLM. Following previous singles “Hurt Me” and “Why u Lookin'” comes today’s wondrous new one, “Dream State”.

It’s one of the few tracks from the forthcoming album where Attar brought in outside help, here utilising string players to accentuate the atmosphere of “Dream State” – although she did write the arrangements herself. With the strings providing the cloaking atmosphere, only a booming beat, sparkling synths and some added atmospherics are needed to create the engrossing sonic world of the song. The sound is attuned to Attar’s vocal, where she is lost in the titular “Dream State” – even though she’s wide awake. It’s a feeling that often descends on us in this modern world of constant information, where your mind just seems to switch off for a moment and you float away on a single thought while the world keeps rushing around. Attar has recreated that bubble with her new single, and for six blissful minutes she invites us in, to forget the world and float away with her – even if it might not be the wisest decision, it’s hard to resist.

Listen to “Dream State” below or on streaming platforms.

Sibille Attar’s new album A History of Silence is out on February 26 via PNKSLM. You can find her on Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.