Video still: John TerEick

Sam Evian angles for a rebirth on the funky “Time To Melt” and its comedy sci-fi video

Sam Evian is releasing a new album called Time To Melt at the end of October, and this week he has shared the title track, along with a wonderfully odd video. On the song, he says:

If you’re familiar with tarot, I think of it as pulling the death card in a positive way. It’s like facing the idea of death, which I think everyone thought about a lot this past year, maybe more than usual collectively.” 

Indeed, for a song about dissolving into nothingness, “Time To Melt” is extremely bright and lighthearted. Built atop a watery drum machine, refracting guitars and gently oozing, the song possesses a sort of hipster funkiness, which Evian seizes on with a loping falsetto and earworm vocal melody. It finds him shimmying towards a new beginning, admitting “it’s time to melt away” – a new life is just over the horizon. If he continues this grooviness in his next chapter, then things are sure to remain bright for Sam Evian.

The video for “Time To Melt” is made by John TerEick, and sees Evian having an extraterrestrial experience in the woods. Evian says: “I met a lonely alien in the woods and they taught me a jig. As the night went on they convinced me to try huffing some special kind of bug spray, which opened a wormhole vortex to another dimension.”

Watch the video below, or find “Time To Melt” on streaming platforms.

Sam Evian’s new album Time To Melt is out on October 29 through Fat Possum (pre-order/save). You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.