Isla Joy

SAIAH plunges into a punkish breeze with the genre-defying “5 minutes til dawn”

SAIAH didn’t always feel destined for music. Growing up in Arizona during high school, they were largely interested in Track & Field, with their mother inspiring them as a 1988 Olympian, and they had earned numerous scholarships by the time they were a senior. Yet, they felt themselves inextricably drawn towards music, and began to craft a unique voice.

Their latest single, “5 minutes til dawn”, is the perfect example of their unique blend, equal parts, say, Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd and pop punk. Recorded during a summer 2021 trip to Malibu, which saw SAIAH linking up with rising producers Danes Blood and Amon, the songs boasts the closest leaning towards pop they have offered yet, all while retaining their unmistakable identity.

Check it out below, and stay tuned for more from SAIAH very soon, with an impending series of singles set for 2022.

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