Last year, Sacred Bones reissued Mother Earth’s Plantasia, the beloved album from Mort Garson, a pioneer of analogue synths – Moogs in particular. Following the warm and welcome reception to Plantasia, the label has now revealed plans to give official re-releases to four more key albums from the Canadian composer’s catalogue.

The four albums are:

Music From Patch Cord Productions – A collection of rarities, including songs written for commercials and alternate takes from Mother Earth’s Plantasia. It will include new liner notes written by Andy Beta.

Didn’t You Hear? OST A soundtrack for the 1970 experimental film Didn’t You Hear?, which was directed by Skip Sherwood and featured an early performance by Gary Busey. The original album went out of print shortly after its release, and Sacred Bones will make it available for the first time in half a century, with a remaster from the original tapes by engineer Josh Bonati.

Black Mass – This album was originally released in 1970 under the moniker Lucifer – the only time Garson put out music under that name. The album features the composer’s synth interpretations of occult and esoteric phenomena ranging from the Satanic black mass, to exorcism, to witchcraft, and beyond. The Sacred Bones edition is fully remastered and includes all of the original liner notes.

The Unexplained – Released in 1975, this was the only album Garson put out under the name Ataraxia and it was sub-titled Electronic Musical Impressions of the Occult. It once again finds the composer investing himself in spiritual matters, including tarot, astral projection, and seance.

These new albums will be coming out on November 6 through Sacred Bones. Visit Garson’s Bandcamp or Sacred Bones’ site for pre-order options.

You can listen to “This Is My Beloved”, from Music From Patch Cord Productions below.