Ruth B. shares the playful love lesson “Die Fast”

Pop songwriter Ruth B. is releasing her new album Moments In Between in a couple of weeks, and follows recent single “Situation” with a winsome new one called “Die Fast”.

Where “Situation” was firmly in R&B territory, “Die Fast” is a more playful amalgamation of bedroom pop styles, which adds to the song’s flirtatious quality. Atop lightly bouncing pianos, Ruth confesses an attraction that just won’t die down: “once you love somebody / you can never be just friends.” Giving in to these desires she winds up back in that ex’s arms: “we trick ourselves for the moment / but we know where this is going.” While there are tinges of regret at this regression, overall “Die Fast” is a light and happy song, reminding that a little physical pleasure is all good – as long as nobody gets hurt.

Listen to “Die Fast” on streaming platforms or below.

Ruth B.’s new album Moments In Between arrives on June 11 through Downtown (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.