Royel Otis shows us how to run our own show with “Bull Breed”

Sydney-based duo Royel Otis release their new track, “Bull Breed”, the second track from the forthcoming EP, Bar N Grill (July 15 on House Anxiety / Ourness).

The Bondi Beach duo describe “Bull Breed” as about, “being youthful and naive to everyone and everything around you. Soaking up that young alpha essence. A real unruly bovine beast celebrating the small things like it’s the last night of your life. Nights where you roam from bars to pubs with your mates and you’re all just running your own show. A complete lack of inhibitions with no regrets. ‘Bull Breed’ is an anthem for all the Woo Girls and Wild Boys.”

Otis Pavlovic and Royel Maddell departed from their dream pop roots to what they describe as “a Steve Lacy vibe with an R&B chorus.” This fresh take adds woozy guitars and grit alongside the Royel Otis pop melodies and typical catchy chorus.  Their new sound might not stick around for long so don’t miss it.