Ever wanted to own those albums you see above all together in one box set? Well, you will be able to from April 2nd when Virgin release a career-spanning Roxy Music box set, which is being released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of when they became a band (and, less publicized, the 30th anniversary of when they stopped being a band).

The collection, officially titled Roxy Music: The Complete Studio Recordings 1972-1982, comes with all 8 albums on CD. Unfortunately there isn’t a vinyl version of the set, but audiophiles amongst you may be sated by the fact that the set also comes with the albums in “high-resolution audio” spread across four DVDs. The set also comes with bonus b-sides, remixes and outtakes, as you would hope.

If you haven’t ever taken the time to get into Roxy Music, which launched the careers of Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno, then this seems like too good of an opportunity to miss. The price has not yet been announced, but I hope you have a birthday around April 2nd. Check out the full tracklist at Roxyrama.