Rosie Bell falls for a vampire on “Cursed”

Irish songwriter Rosie Bell has written songs about homelessness, bullying and nursing homes – but her infectious new single is about falling hopelessly in love with a vampire. In the promo photo for “Cursed”, Rosie’s wearing a silver cross for protection, but most vampires are exceedingly good-looking, a la Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. You get the feeling that Ms. Bell will soon be spending her nights with a hemoglobin-guzzling hottie.

Believe it or not, there’s a pretty large catalog of pop songs about vampires. Two of my favorites are Kings Of Leon’s “Closer” and the 1990 Concrete Blonde song “Bloodletting”. Bell’s new song is a fang-tastic addition to the canon.

Like many UK and Northern Ireland songwriters, Bell loves coming to Nashville to co-write. There’s already a “Van Morrison Day” in Nashville because the Belfast singer is good pals with a former mayor – so maybe Rosie will get her own official day, too.

Bell is putting the finishing touches on a new EP that’s due in May. I predict that her tales of vampire lust will be a streaming sensation. Songs about bullying and nursing homes may not be magnets for new listeners, but tunes about necking with the undead have perennial appeal.

Listen to “Cursed” below or on your preferred streamer.

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