ROREY shows courage and commitment on “Standby”

Some pop artists who claim to have mental health issues are just mildly depressed from watching too many TikTok videos. That’s not the case with NY artist ROREY, who was physician-diagnosed as bipolar in 2021. That’s what makes her new single “Standby” so powerful.

On the new track, ROREY creates a haunting dreamscape using surreal airport sounds and imagery. Like an airline passenger on stand-by, ROREY felt like her life was in limbo until she fully embraced a new path.

“I wrote this song during a manic episode in 2021,” says ROREY. “It was my ultimate epiphany in understanding that my healing process wasn’t going to happen instantaneously, I couldn’t just “stand by” waiting for it to happen. I had to take action and commit to getting better. No one was going to do that for me. I had two choices: to accept the help offered to me or continue lamenting that everybody was living life and I was stuck getting nowhere.”

This authentic and moving single is the first from ROREY’s sophomore EP Dysphoria, which releases on May 17.

Check out “Standby” below, or find the song on the streaming platforms.

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