Having released her stunning debut album Via Media earlier this year, ROCH should be out on the road promoting it right now. For obvious reasons, that hasn’t been able to happen, and she and her collaborators have been stuck separated in their London homes. They’ve decided to do something about it though, with ROCH saying:

“My drummer and I were ready to tour the album when the lockdown was imposed, so as a way of revisiting the songs in a live context we recorded a couple of singles in lockdown from our respective homes.”

Despite the distance between the two performers, this version of “I Love To You” maintains the song’s intimacy and vulnerability. It also allows us a closer glimpse of the two mid-performance, on the one hand we have ROCH, moving slowly but passionately with the production, her voice cresting beautifully with the plateaus of synth. On the other side we get to watch the subtle but dextrous percussion performance. It all comes together to create an inviting new version of a very special song.

ROCH’s debut album Via Media is out now. You can find her on Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.