Road To Shaanxi_2

The question of anonymity in music has become something of a moot point in recent years.  With the easy access of information via a simple search engine site, most details of a purposefully private artist can be uncovered.  Hell, even Daft Punk have been de-helmeted.  But there are times when this mystery works in the artists favor, such as with the unknown (at present) producer behind electronic moniker Road To Shaanxi.  Blending atypical vocal samples and sheets of sometimes subtle — and sometimes not –synths, the music from Road To Shaanxi revels in the hazy fringes of electronic experimentation.  With the release of the Revelation EP on September 23rd via True Panther Sounds, Road To Shaanxi is ready to show us even more of the complex rhythms and oddly affecting melodies and percussion that are found in abundance on the recently released title track from this upcoming release.

“Revelation” weaves strands of jittery jazz-inflected percussion, gently warbling synths, and occasional vocals samples into a mesh of cinematic atmosphere and lush soundscapes.  Despite its rather synthetic nature, the song displays an organic and intimate feel that, at times, makes it seem far more inclusive than you might expect.  Listen to the track below and check out Revelation‘s tracklist as well.

Road To Shaanxi – Revelation EP Tracklist:
01. Revelation
02. Who Am I?
03. Floating Away
04. Lush Era