Photo: Ryan Blackwell

Rising pop-house producer yunè pinku blasts through disappointment on “Affection”, announces debut EP

Following on from last year’s debut single “Laylo” and her collaboration with Logic1000, “What You Need”, yunè pinku is making further strides. Today she announces her debut EP Bluff will be out on April 1, and shares a new single called “Affection” along with her first video.

On “Affection” she says: “Affection is about all the work we put in to get the attention of a crowd or a person but feeling dissatisfied when you get it. I think it was a really fun one to make because it just had a lot of energy but it’s a bit moodier than other pieces I’ve made.”

Not as boundlessly boisterous as “Laylo”, “Affection” shows us several more shades of the newcomer. Her synth arrangements circle and swirl, prowling around your mind in tandem with her demure vocal, which surveys a situation with an audible sneer. Regardless of the disappointment in her tone, there’s an irrepressible feeling to the way “Affection” is constructed, almost acid house in its tripping gait and dizzying layers of synthesized sound. It’s one to let your brain get pickled in.

The involved and technicolour video for “Affection” was created by Alice Aires. Take a look below or listen to the song on streaming platforms.

yunè pinku’s Bluff EP is out on April 1 through Platoon. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.