yunè pinku time-warps through life on the quicksilver tech-house tune “DC Rot”

Following on from recent banger “Affection”, 18-year-old Malaysian-Irish producer and vocalist yunè pinku has today delivered a second taste of her forthcoming debut EP, Bluff. The song is called “DC Rot” and she says about it:

“DC rot is an exploration of a year and all the things you do in one. Whether it’s coming out of hibernation and getting older, experiencing in excess whether that be negative or positive. Putting yourself out there and sometimes getting hurt, but just going on a pilgrimage of all the things you can & can’t do. In this case a motif is skate culture hence the title DC Rot, it can be such a freeing culture but can be pretty snakey at other times, constantly shifting”.

A year is a lot to pack into a four-minute track, but upon immersing yourself in “DC Rot” you’ll immediately feel like you’re in a time warp, such is the style, speed and futuristic nature of pinku’s production. Atop the crystalline synths, which sound like classic video game tones blown up to become a nightclub floor-filler, her conversational, sing-song vocal makes an intriguing contrast. While everything around is bright and gleaming, her voice sighs and demures magnetically, drawing us into her life and, as ever, leaving us wanting much more.

Krishan Sharda’s video for “DC Rot” continues on the theme of skate culture, as it stars pinku’s sister Faith, who also happens to be a pro skater. Take a look at that below or find the song on streaming platforms.

yunè pinku’s Bluff EP is out on April 1 through Platoon. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.