Rising Chinese pop singer YAQI shares the infectious, inclusive “I’m On It”

While she first burst onto the scene in her home country of China back in 2016 with her award-winning single, “Summer Bala”, YAQI knew she needed to explore elsewhere to reach her true potential. Leaving behind a restrictive, patriarchal household, she came to America in search of her musical dreams.

To say the least, it’s been a long, hard-won road, through which she’s had to steer through both personal growth and ongoing racism, but she’s finally set to properly emerge on the scene.

“I’m On It” feels like an arrival, a proper celebration. Absolutely bleeding confidence throughout a dominant performance, YAQI is surrounded by a diverse cast of friends and allies for its Y2K-inspired video, all dancing (and enjoying) their absolute hearts out. It’s nostalgic yet fresh and urgent at once.

YAQI dedicates the video to Asian female creatives, sidelined for far too long in the West. (Seriously, name one truly huge Asian pop act with a following in America who isn’t a K-pop star). She says, “Moved and impacted by events since the violence towards the AAPI communities during the pandemic, it is time for us to stand up, speak up, and support each other. It is so touching to see the enormous support from other groups. We wish to show the world and more importantly all the female immigrants and people who feel unseen while working towards their dreams that we see you, support you and you can do it! ‘I’m On It’ is the spirit in many women, we are here to cheer them on!

Check out the pure expression of elation that is “I’m On it” below, and stay tuned for more from YAQI very soon.

You can find YAQI on Instagram.