Photo: Philine Van den Hul

Real Farmer share neurotic noise punk ripper “Consequence”

Safe to say the Dutch Invasion isn’t subsiding anytime soon. Groningen firebrands Real Farmer, who recently announced signing to Pete Doherty’s Strap Originals imprint, are the latest group to watch, featuring members of more established names like Personal Trainer and Lewsberg. The band’s upcoming album Compare What’s There arrives March 8th 2024 (you can preorder it here).

Real Farmer’s manic previous single “The Straightest Line” even turned Anthony Fantano’s cueball their direction. Now the second song revealed for the record, “Consequence”, has just as much bark as it has bite, with frontman Jeroen Klootsema descending rapidly into despair.

This assessment checks out well with the gritty video shot in their hometown, which the band gave videographer Héctor Garcia Martin carte blanche. “The way I treated the video was about not knowing,” Martin says of the project. “You never know who the main character is, it could be anyone. Keeping this unknown brings about both feelings of universality, this person could be all of us, as well as of not caring about it at all anymore. It’s a mix of not  knowing and not caring. The character itself seems to be wondering around, going through the days,  seemingly lost and constantly looking for something.”

Indeed, the jagged guitars and primal vocals inject a restless, panic stricken energy in “Consequence”, as if disaster is just about imminent. A piano could fall on your head and give you 88 concussions, one for each key. Fortunately, such a prospect won’t be as terrifying while Real Farmer blasts this heady slice of noise punk through your cranium.

Check the video for “Consequence” below.

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