Raven Bush transmutes life’s freneticism into the energetic electro workout, “Never”

Margate-based producer Raven Bush has been honing his craft for a while now, with a few EPs and singles, but this year he’s bringing it all to fruition with his debut album Fall Into Noise, which arrives on August 13 through PRAH Recordings. It’s an apposite title for his record, as his productions are a limitless burble of tones and textures that can transport each listening individual to wholly unique mental worlds. This has been evident in the songs released so far from Fall Into Noise, “Start Of Something New” and “Made of Stars”, and comes into sharper relief with today’s new offering, “Never”.

At 150bpm it’s the fastest song on Raven’s album, which he says is “a reflection on the times we find ourselves amidst change. The presence of forward motion in life and the momentum it brings that carries us forward. You hold on where you can and have faith that the process provides growth.”

That raised pulse takes hold immediately on pressing play, and for the first half of “Never” it maintains that steady gallop, pulling your heart rate along with it. Not content to simply let the energy thrill, Raven pivots through a plethora of timbres and melodies, each spinning off the beat with polyphonic glee. A warped sample of Margate musician Zoe Carassik Lord pleading “never let me go” gets shuffled into the clutter, ramping up the urgency of the piece. Around half way into “Never”, just as the myriad elements are swirling to a euphoric peak and feeling as though it’s all about to collapse, Raven pulls the beat out and the whole world becomes weightless. He masterfully then threads in a new, statelier pulse, changing the tack and feel of the song entirely, the message of “never let me go” now feeling like an elegy as he pushes the song skywards. Then it suddenly dissolves, the tower of tones gone in the blink of an eye, leaving us reeling.

Watch the visualizer below, but head on to streaming platforms to hear the full album-length version of “Never”.

Raven Bush’s debut album Fall Into Noise is out on August 13 through PRAH Recordings. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.