PUP put their serrated spin on Grandaddy’s slacker anthem “A.M. 180”

PUP are an energetic band, so you can imagine that quarantine has been tough for them. Nevertheless, they’ve remained creative, putting together PUPTHEZINE Vol. 4 titled “QUARANZINE” (order here) and covering Grandaddy’s 1997 classic “A.M. 180”. PUP’s drummer Zack Mykula says:

“Grandaddy are one of the unsung hero bands of indie rock. A best kept secret. I mean, forgive me for going ham, but this song is like a lily in an otherwise barren valley. An outstanding piece of songwriting, doing more with less than most any other song of the same caliber. So, that’s why we decided to cover it.”

There was a moment a few years ago when Grandaddy reformed and it seemed like they might actually garner the praise they deserved, but since then they seem to have fallen back out of conversation. Perhaps PUP’s muscular take on “A.M. 180” will introduce them to a whole new legion of fans who didn’t know they liked Grandaddy – or had never even heard of them before. Or maybe it’s just for a handful of people like you and me to rock out to. Either way, enjoy it below.

You can hear PUP’s “A.M. 180” below or on streaming platforms.

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