Photo: Why Studio

PRISMA unleash slick synth-pop bop “Drive”

Danish scandi-pop duo PRISMA have released their new single “Drive” via Luna Sky Recordings. Sisters Frida and Sirid Møl Kristensen say:

“We have tried to create a sound universe where you as a listener get the feeling of driving fast. The song provides a very concrete description of an exciting car ride, but we also want to make room for the listener’s interpretation of the word ‘Drive’. It can be your personal drive, a work drive, etc. This song is a tribute to all the people who go out there in their everyday lives and chase their dreams; a tribute to the side roads; a tribute to the journey.” 

Opening with a driving synth and kick drum duo that oozes into the sisters’ vocal harmonies, the track is impeccably structured in layers of sound built over indelible hooks. It is undeniable that Frida and Sirid Møl Kristensen “experimented more with the electronic universe” and there is no doubt they are on their way somewhere special.

Listen to “Drive” on your favorite streamer or watch the video below. 

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