Photo: Erik Tanner

Preoccupations experience “Death of Melody” on their colossal new single

Preoccupations are releasing their new album Arrangements in September and following on from lead single “Ricochet” they’re continuing to build excitement with the new release, “Death of Melody”. Singer Matthew Flegel says:

“It’s about having a song stuck in your head, and having no idea what it is, and driving yourself to the brink of dementia trying to figure out what it is. It’s about knowing and forgetting, existing in the middle ground between the permanent and temporary.”

We’re placed into Flegel’s mind on “Death of Melody” and the mental decay has already set in; guitars wail and the ground judders from the impactful rhythm section, combining to make a hair-raising facsimile of the anguish. Flegel’s voice is electrifyingly pained at the centre, his cries blood curdling as they’re drowned out by the volcanic array of instrumentation that continues to build throughout the track. It’s impactful and experiential, the kind of song that threatens to crumble the very foundations of any venue in which it will soon be played.

Check out “Death of Melody” below or on your preferred platform.

Preoccupations’ new album Arrangements arrives on September 9 (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.