Porridge Radio and Lala Lala team up for the bruised “Good For You”

It might not have occurred before that Porridge Radio and Lala Lala would be mutual fans of each other, and that they’d make a great team – but as soon as you’ve been informed that they’ve made a song together, there’s no doubt it’ll be great. And so it proves to be on today’s surprise offering “Good For You”. It was recorded recently, aka remotely and in quarantine, with Porridge Radio’s Dana Margolis saying:

‘Good For You landed on me one morning early on in lockdown when I was eating breakfast. I really love Lillie’s music, and we were vaguely in touch through the internet, so when Lillie got in touch asking if I wanted to make a song together, and then a few days later I’d written this song, it felt really right to collaborate on it. I really loved what Lillie added from the start, and it really organically and easily came together from there. Sam [who drums in Porridge Radio] added parts and produced the song, and it was a really easy and fun process because of the way they both responded to it.

The two singers’ voices not only interplay brilliantly as they overlap and peak out from behind one another, but the instrumental portion of “Good For You” finds a brilliant middle ground between their two styles. Atmospheric and brooding in the classic Lala Lala vain, “Good For You” also features sudden injections of pure energy that recall Every Bad. Together, their two voices make this gloomy atmosphere their playhouse where they dream of the end of the world – and invite us in to join their slightly unhinged rager.

Listen to “Good For You” on streaming platforms or via the visualiser below.

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