Norway’s colourful art-pop-punkers Pom Poko are releasing their second album, Cheater, on November 6 – about which they say “we wanted to embrace our extremes a bit more”. Lead single “Andrew” was a more measured affair, but they let themselves loose with the new blast “My Candidacy”. They say:

“The song itself is about the wish to be able to believe in unconditional love, even though you know that there probably is no such thing. We, at least, believe in unconditional love for riffy tunes with sing-song choruses.”

We all have vacillations in our feelings about the truth of love, and sometimes we wonder whether there is any left in the world. Pom Poko have taken that jittery uncertainty and jammed it into three minutes of quickfire playing on “My Candidacy”. Ragnhild Fangel’s light and flittering voice hops from point to point as the rest of the band play with urgency and abandon, piling on the excitement without ever losing the inherent pop sound underscoring it all. An emotional and musical thrill ride from start to finish, “My Candidacy” makes us even more excited for what’s to come on Cheater.

Pom Poko’s new album Cheater is out on November 6 through Bella Union. You can find the band on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.