Podcast: The Lyric Boys Episode 27 – Olivia Rodrigo

It’s brutal out here. So, listen to The Lyric Boys dive into 10 lyrics by Olivia Rodrigo, the Disney-actress turned pop-sensation who has straight-up dominated 2021 with her relatable pop slappers about heartbreak and Billy Joel.

In this episode, The Lyric Boys discuss reading self-help books, being jealous of friends on social media, learning to parallel park, and why wearing tiny coats is always funny. And stick around to the end when the Lyric Boys improvise their own Olivia Rodrigo style lyrics.

Songs discussed: “deja vu”, “brutal”, “happier”, “jealousy jealousy”, “drivers license”, “enough for you”, “good 4 u”, “hope ur ok”, and “favorite crime”.

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