Podcast: The Lyric Boys Episode 26 – Kendrick Lamar

Be Humble. Sit down. And listen to the Lyric Boys dissect 10 lyrics from Kendrick Lamar, aka K-Dot, ie the Pulitzer Prize-winning Compton rapper best known for his iconic albums, deep lyrics, and being the coolest person alive with the last name Duckworth.

The Lyric Boys discuss the art of peer pressure, being fully present while playing Madden, throwing steaks off of yachts, doing bad boy things with friends, and what actually happens when your dick is as big as the Eiffel Tower. Stay tuned for the Lyric Boys’s “Toxic Thought of The Day” and a special appearance by friend-of-the-podcast, McLaren Dewitt.

Songs discussed: “Fuck Your Ethnicity”, “The Art of Peer Pressure”, “Humble”, “Backseat Freestyle”, “P&P”, “For Free”, “XXX”, “Lust”, “Swimming Pools (Drank)”, and “Pride”.

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