Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 67: Jolie Laide – It’s Just Music

In this episode, we get to meet Jolie Laide, the new band fronted by acclaimed singer-songwriter Nina Nastasia and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Jeff MacLeod.

In this chat, Nina, Jeff and I discuss the makings of this debut record, which just came out this past November. We talk about how they met over 20 years ago, and how now felt like the time to join forces for a new creative project. We discuss the themes and moods of the album, including the desert-style landscapes they conjured for its nine songs, as well as what each of them brought to the record. We talk the ups and downs of band-dom, Nina’s magnificent last solo album Riderless Horse, magical guitars, and so much more.

I hope you enjoy. (And please forgive my sick voice in the intro for this episode – my cold was not going to stop me!) Thank you for listening.

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