Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 65: Empty Country – Haunted Places

In this episode, we get to meet Joseph D’Agostino, the frontman and lead songwriter of indie rock outfit Empty Country.

Previously known for his now-defunct band Cymbal Eat Guitars, D’Agostino’s newest record as Empty Country – aptly titled Empty Country II – is out now, and it’s a real treat of high-emotion, high-impact, literary songwriting.

In this chat, Joe and I discuss his specific lens through which he shoots his songs and subjects, tracing a litany of fictional characters and their various throughlines across his work and across the hour-plus of material on this new album. Joe has a knack for fictionalizing the real life heart ache and tragedies of the world around him, transposing them into appropriately emotional but never depressing or dreary mini-epics. We talk about his new life in Connecticut, his songwriting inspirations, and more. Thank you for listening.

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