Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 59: Regina Spektor – A Beautiful Circle

In this chat, we get to meet singer-songwriter Regina Spektor.

Regina and I talk a lot about her last album, Home Before and After, which incidentally had come out almost exactly a year prior to our conversation. In light of this, we discuss the songwriting, producing, release, and extensive touring surrounding the record, as well as what it means to her now, a year on. We talk about the joys and gifts of live performance, her particular songwriting methods and styles, and her deep love for her fans (as well as how those very fans are almost single-handedly responsible for keeping some of her older songs alive – like “Loveology”, which finally got a proper studio recording on Home). We also talk about an old song I had never heard of that’s been almost lost to the years, but may make a comeback yet. We talk about more, too, and it was a beautiful and fluid conversation I was very humbled to get to have. Thank you for listening.

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