Podcast: Meet Our Makers Episode 52: Caleb Landry Jones – Something Real

In this episode, we get to meet actor and musician Caleb Landry Jones.

Though Caleb is known best as an actor – appearing in projects such as Three Billboards Outside Ebbing MissouriGet Out, and even the Twin Peaks: The Return miniseries – he is also an accomplished an eclectic musician. In this chat, Caleb and I talk about his newest record, Gadzooks Vol. 2, and how music has shaped him as a person, both as a performer and as a listener. We do also discuss his diverse and varied film career, including his latest movies like the powerful and dark Nitram, for which he won the Cannes Best Actor award. We talk about his love of cinema, his foundational films, and more. He also gives me some spicy hot takes on contemporary cinema that you won’t want to miss. Thank you for listening, and enjoy.

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