PinkPantheress delivers another intimate DnB banger, “Passion”

London student PinkPantheress has been one of the surprise break-out stars of 2021 with her string of miniature drum’n’bass songs that she records at 3am in her dorm room (“I have my uni work to do, and I didn’t have the luxury of a recording studio or ‘creative me-time’”). Her previous songs are already into the multi-million listens and she’s even featured on the recent GoldLink album, HARAM!

Today, she does it again with “Passion”, a song that stretches to a massive 2m18s, making it her longest yet. Produced with IZCO and Jkarri, “Passion” ups the intimacy by building around a contemplative acoustic guitar melody – though the beats are still chugging away quietly beneath, ready to be unleashed as she gets deeper in her thoughts. This complements her most confessional track yet, as she opens by admitting “Said I had to clear out my head / but tonight I think I lost the plot instead,” and it only slides into more neurotic realms from there – but not without losing her sing-song insouciance.

Listen to “Passion” below or on your preferred platform.

“Passion” is out on Parlophone. You can find PinkPantheress on Instagram.