Photo: Christopher Bouchard

Peruvian producer Sofia Kourtesis announces new EP with the joyous thrum of “La Perla”

Berlin-based Peruvian producer Sofia Kourtesis has put out a couple of great EPs in the last two years, and is making it a hattrick in 2021 when she releases Fresia Magdalena on March 19 – her first for the Ninja Tune imprint Technicolour. She’s shared the first track from it, called “La Perla”, saying:

“Although I’ve sampled my own voice before, this is the first time I’ve really sung on a track. My dream is to develop a live show and I created ‘La Perla’ with that in mind. ‘La Perla’ is about staring at the sea, It’s the first thing I’ll do when I return to Peru. My dad used to say staring at the sea is like meditation, it clears your head. This song is for him. It’s hard for me to listen to La Perla as it wrote it during a time I lost my dad to leukaemia. This song is for him, descansa en paz papa.”

True to its title, “La Perla” glistens with a luminescence and lightness that is transportive, taking you to the seaside along with Kourtesis and her father, watching the sun dance on the water’s surface. Kourtesis’ bubbling production acts like the blissful breeze in the air, and her sampled voice the quiet chatter of passersby on the beach. As “La Perla” unfolds in propulsive-yet-soothing waves of pure peace, a captivating joy rises and your soul can’t help but feel lifted; it’s a truly heartwarming tribute to the creator’s father that we can all share in.

Sofia Kourtesis’ Fresia Magdalena EP arrives on March 19 via Technicolour. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.