Persian pop up-and-comer Gia Woods shares the boisterous, sultry “Spend It” alongside Bayli

Gia Woods may make it look easy, but it’s no small thing when you manage to craft a pop anthem driven by jagged guitar. Yet, that’s exactly what “Spend It” does, with the Persian pop star’s call-and-response hook beckoning the listener right into her world.

It’s a tribute to treating yourself, but comes with a dark side (“it’s all yours: sell your soul”), with Woods explaining, “The world is ending… indulge in sex, money, and power. We deserve to be spoiled even if it’s by ourselves… Someones gotta do it.

Woods is joined on the track by fellow queer artist Bayli, who uses the track as a device to explore an entirely different side of herself: “Most of the time in my music I’m singing to or for female-identifying people but my verse is ‘Spend It’ encapsulates my dream of turning out a gay boy. I use the word ‘he’ a lot to try and subtly paint the picture that I am singing to a masculine character, who I clearly want to go home with. The verse says: ‘Limits don’t exist when it comes to attraction. I like a challenge and if you a bad bitch then you’re going to bag ‘em up regardless!’ All this tea aside, this song definitely reveals a slightly different side of my sexuality that my fans don’t know about and only Gia could get me to tap in like this for a collaboration.

“Spent It” stands as the latest taste of Woods’ upcoming Heartbreak County, Vol.2 EP, which you can look out for soon. Check out the single in the mean time, below via Spotify.

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