Hoorsees are a band based in Paris who released their debut EP Major League of Pain back in 2019, but this week they have announced their signing to French bastion of good taste Howlin Banana Records, who will release their self-titled debut album on February 19.

They’ve also shared the lead single from Hoorsees, a melodic indie pop number called “Overdry”. Surrounded by gliding and jangling guitars on all sides, their singer tells a story of boredom and exhaustion with the state of his life – hence ending up feeling “Overdry”. His disaffection is infectious in 2020, and especially within the booming and harmonised chorus where his attitude hits even more emphatically. Overall, we’d place them somewhere between the sunshine of Real Estate, the verve of Veronica Falls, and the coolness of The Strokes. World domination is surely next.

Hoorsees’ debut album Hoorsees comes out on February 19 through Howlin Banana / In Silico / Kanine. You can find them on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.